“Nick and I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful, nurturing start that GUMP has given both our children. It is amazing how quickly our little ones grow up and we have been so fortunate to have found such a caring environment as GUMP. We will treasure our memories of these times and will spread the word of your kindness and warmth to other families.” –Kyla & Nick Shawyer

“Your terrific program, your personal attention, and your inspiring teachers have touched our lives in only pleasant ways that we’ll remember always.” –The Beaver Family

“We recently received results of the quality surveys sent to each of our sites. As a result of your support, we are rated the #2 franchise in the nation! It is our goal to provide outstanding service to you and the children of your school. We are always open to your input and strive to exceed in service quality. Thank you for your support and we look forward to another year of educational and inspirational art lessons.” –The Abrakadoodle Team

“John & I wanted to thank you and all the people involved with GUMP for giving Annabelle such a wonderful year. It takes a lot of “behind the scenes” work to create something as special as GUMP and we feel lucky to have found a fun and nurturing place for our daughter.” –Rachel Cole & John Helms

“GUMP is an amazing place where our children thrive, grow and blossom under your undying enthusiasm, creativity and never ending support! We cherish our time here! “ –Tom & Sondra Bashara

“In today’s world of always scurrying to do the right thing and still remain popular, the preschool under your direction has offered us a welcome refuge from those pressures. Here we have found a comfortable haven where support, guidance and love are never in short supply. You have treated our children as if they were your own, and under this umbrella of security, they have been allowed to flourish at their own pace and in their own direction. We know you spend extra hours working through many resources to ensure the children’s health and happiness both at school and at home. We can never thank you properly for the opportunities you and GUMP have provided each of our kids. You have brought to our children a perspective on the world that most parents could only wish for. For this and many other things that I can’t mention because I will start to cry – please know how much we appreciate how much you have always done for our family.” – Sharon & Richard Litton

“Thank you for the privilege of bringing Sydney to GUMP this school year. What an incredible school – you and all the staff do so many wonderful things to nurture children! We will miss you next year, but will have beautiful art and great memories always, thanks to GUMP!” –Janine Brown

“What do you say to thank someone who lead a team that was building a child? How do you tell them how much their words of encouragement & support have meant over the last few years? I certainly don’t know. Thank you for caring for my son, my family and even me though none of that was in your job description. Thank you for nurturung all of the children in your care as if they were your own.” –Tanya Banks

“Thank you so much for taking Ben into your care and helping him grow into the individual he is today. Through your kindness and love, he has gained the confidence to talk to his friends during circle time and throughout the day. He loves coming to GUMP, and because of that, we thank you! “ –The Locke Family

“Every woman at GUMP is amazing in their own way, but I hope you know what a role model and inspiration you have been to me. No matter where life may bring me & my family, there will always be a piece of you in me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING!” – Michelle

“There are no words to express how grateful I am that you accepted Trudie into your family at GUMP. We had a fabulous year and Trudie learned and grew so much under your direction that we will never forget it.” –Fiona Salih

“The last 6 years has been an amazing experience for Will and Maddie and really for the whole family. We feel so fortunate to have been a part of the GUMP family. You have created an extraordinary learning environment for the children (and parents). We have really aprreciated your sound advice and guidence over the years (and really value your opinion).” –Whitney & Jared Brooks

“I feel fortunate that Sean received a solid foundation at such a caring and qualified environment as GUMP. The wonderful teachers and, of course, Betty have prepared him well for kindergarten and helped instill in him a lasting sense of security.” –May Britton

“I can’t possibly thank you enough for your kindness over the past three years and for the wonderful gift of GUMP that you gave to my children. You and your school will be missed!” –Michelle

“Betty, you are incredible! You give so much love, support, spirit and guidance to all of the GUMP children and their families, and you always do it with a smile on your face. We are so grateful to have you in our lives.” –Adrienne Kouremetis

“I can’t begin to tell all of you what an impact you have made on our life. I will always remember these days at GUMP and can only hope James’ future education will give him as much joy and confidence as his years at GUMP. We will miss all of you more than we can say.” –Debra & Grey Persons

“Thank you very much for taking the time to give us a tour of your wonderful preschool. The facility itself is bright and cheerful. The staff seemed very capable and friendly. And your philosophy of instruction is a perfect fit with what we are seeking for our daughter.” –The Jones Family

“Thank you for your leadership in creating such a nurturing environment for children and their parents!” –Ashley & Brad Morgan

“We just had our progress report with Emma’s teacher at St. Patricks. All went well and Mrs. O’Conner had kind compliments for Emma’s previous teachers. She asked specifically who her Pre-K teachers were and said that they prepared her so well for Kindergarten. She said Emma knows exactly what she needs to know for Kindergarten, and then some. She was very complimentary and impressed. Obviously there is something really great and really special happening in GUMP and in the Pre-K class. Mrs. O’Conner asked me to pass along her compliments.” –Sheri & John Searing

“I cannot begin to tell you the volumes we feel about what a wonderful, critical, joyous and important influence GUMP has on our son today and the (great) man he will become someday!” –Jenny & Mitchell Goodman

“I feel the GUMP teachers will help shape Max into a moral, respectful and kind young man – for this we are grateful and glad. Thank you for accepting Max into the GUMP community – we are thrilled beyond words!” –Michael & Kelly Willette

“You have created a wonderful, nurturing environment for preschool. We’re so glad that we have been given the opportunity to be a part of it.” –Monica & Tony Cetrone

“It means so much to us to see their happy faces when they arrive at GUMP and to just feel how much they have blossomed under your wings and all their wonderful teachers. We couldn’t imagine a more wonderful place to begin their schooling experience. It’s been such a pleasure being a part of the GUMP family. Thank you again for creating such a wonderful place for all the children of GUMP!” –Liz & Ted

“Thanks so much for all you do to make GUMP such a nurturing environment. I couldn’t have asked for a better place for Annemarie to blossom in. With the wonderful memorial to Dennis, GUMP will always be a special part of our lives.” –Sue & Annemarie

“Champney just thrives here & I still tell everyone that putting him here is one of the best parenting decisions I’ve made. Thank you for all your hard work and planning that you put into GUMP!” –Anne Smith